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There are a lot of mobile phone cards, and the mobile phone is not enough? GlocalMe CALL SIMBOX provides you with a perfect multi-card solution, stable performance, the same operation and experience as native phone text messages, helping users to achieve efficient remote management of mobile phone cards.
The hardware "SIMBOX" supports 2G, 3G, 4G full-standard networks and is compatible with SIM cards of all operators in the market. The DOCK inserted into the SIM card can be placed in the home after being connected to the Internet, and it is not necessary to carry it around, nor to consider the charging problem.
The APP "GlocalMe Call" is compatible with most mainstream smartphones on the market. After downloading the APP, the user only needs to register the account and bind the SIMBOX device, and then use the SIM card in the SIMBOX to complete the call, send and receive text messages, and the like.
Different user needs can meet
Twin City Commuter Multi-Card User
Because of work or visiting relatives, users who travel to and from two places or multiple places can travel at any time, activate at any time, call, information is not missed, and enjoy low cost, no need to worry about the loss of the card, and safe and save money.
Users who want to apply for a new card
I want to apply for the operator's new package, and I can't bear my old number. Old card numbers are used frequently, information is seamlessly synchronized, and calls are answered at any time. New card offers are all enjoyed.
Long-term outgoing users
Going out, your own card is used frequently, and you can enjoy the local network service. If you don't delay, there is no roaming fee for going abroad.
Multi-identity user
Use multiple cards to deal with users with different identities, different cards to customize identity, call and information at a glance, and manage separately to avoid mis-dialing and answering SMS errors.