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Global Traffic Vivo

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Global Traffic Vivo

Have you ever got stuck in traffic, and couldn’t get out?
Do you want to make sure such things will never ever happen to you again?
If you do, here we provide you with the best and most cost-effective solution … with of course, the most modern and state of art technological design platform -- GlobalTraffic Vivo.

Almost everyone who lives in a big city has spent some time waiting impatiently and involuntarily in a traffic jam. It is no surprise that we keep hearing people around us saying, “if I only knew in advance that this accident or that traffic diversion has happened …”

Our aim is solve this tough question: Is there any way that we can know well in advance that something has happened that may cause a traffic jam on our way?

We answer positively to this question: Global Traffic Vivo -- A brand new App which provides user-friendly and technologically advanced features, including:

- A compendium of real-time traffic news, including those in relation to traffic accidents, road blockages and traffic diversions.

- All real-time traffic snapshots of the routes/locations/journeys identified by the user. This function gives you a clear idea of the actual road conditions ahead of your journey. For instance, if you are a traveller in London going from the City to the Heathrow Airport, you will be able to have a glimpse of the traffic condition all the way from where you are now to the Heathrow airport. And such information comes even before you have started travelling;

- A personalised bookmark function, which will allow you to switch on/off the automatic feeding of the related traffic information to your bookmarked locations. It'll greatly assist you by informing you in advance if there is any traffic congestions or accidents in your chosen routes. It saves the time and energy required to manually examine the road conditions each time before a journey.

In short, there will be no surprise of getting stuck in a traffic jam, as you will be informed of any potential cause of traffic jam once it occurs.

All you need is -- Global Traffic Vivo (with your very own personalised bookmarks).

Finally, Global Traffic Vivo provides full support of all the cool features of Apple Watch, including:

• Glance - show you the traffic Camera of your road ahead;
• Push Notifications - real-time news along with Camera and accident location (a succinct summary in point-form);
• Force Touch - report traffic incident.

Available Cities/Countries:

- Singapore
- UK
- Ireland
- Hong Kong
- US: California, NYC, NYS, Texas, Florida, Rhode Island
- Australia
- New Zealand

We wish you a pleasant drive and fantastically smooth journey!! See you on the road!

We welcome any suggestions/advice. Feel free to drop us a line at: [email protected].

We use open data from transport authorities in the cities we drive:
- Singapore: Land Transport Authority
- UK: High­ways Agency (HA), Traffic Scotland, Transport for London (TfL)
- Ireland: National Roads Authority (NRA)
- Hong Kong: Transport Department
- US: Caltrans (CA), NYC DOT, NYS Thruway
- Australia: Transport for NSW, VicTraffic, Main Roads W. Aus.
- New Zealand: NZ Transport Agency
Shun Wan Tang