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Global Monitoring™

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Global Monitoring™

Global Monitoring™

Deep heart monitoring
The science of heart rate variability lets you measure stress and other health metrics. Top athletes, doctors, and even astronauts have been doing this for decades. Now available on your smartphone with our heart rate variability monitor — anytime, anywhere.

Track your Blood pressure & SPO2:
Add your blood pressure and blood oxygen to check if it's within the normal range, all-round heart health care.

Work out, smart
Track your performance and recovery. Find out how different types of exercise impact how you feel and work, the best time to hit the gym, and how long.

Your day, summed up
That elusive work-life balance? It can be done. See the day’s toll and your lifestyle in a bigger picture, with daily charts and a personalized summary.

The app syncs with Apple Health with information
With permission from the user, Global Monitoring™ communicates with Apple Health.

Revoke Permissions:
You can revoke the previously given permission at any moment in the application settings.

Sending Data:
You can allow Global Monitoring™ App to send to Apple Health information about Blood pressure, SPO2, ECG.

Receiving Data:
You can give Global Monitoring™ app permission to get Blood pressure, SPO2, ECG.

Deleting Data in Global Monitoring™
Please note that when you delate a reading in Global Monitoring™ app, this reading will be also automatically deleted from Apple Health.

This application is not intended for medical use. Statistics and measurements are only used for educational and informational purposes in order to support general health and wellbeing. This app has not been tested on people with health conditions, not a clinical pulse oximeter. You can visit a specialist hospital for a more thorough health examination if you think there is something wrong with your health.

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