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Give Me a Sniglet

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Give Me a Sniglet

Give Me a Sniglet is a random word-like generator with an on-device machine learning model that validates whether the word is likely to be valid. Generate a set of words and view various confidence score, and copy them to your clipboard with a single tap. Customize the algorithm by changing the size of the words and syllable shapes.

- Generate as many sniglets as you like and share them easily
- Customize the generation algorithm by adjusting the word length and syllabic shapes
- Generate sniglets on-the-go with support for Apple Watch
- Listen to pronunciations of sniglets from your device's language
- View random sniglets on your home screen with the Random Sniglet Widget
- Save your favorite sniglets into a personal dictionary synced with iCloud
- Assign a definition to your saved sniglets for future reference
- View a different entry every day with the Daily Saved Sniglet Widget

This software is licensed under the Mozilla Public License, v2. More information on your rights can be found by going to the app's Settings > General > License.
Marquis Kurt