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Gingaa Note

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Gingaa Note

Create reminders of all kind, use your own background photo and choose which counter is the best for each event.

Count the days to your next holidays, see how many hours are left to the birthdays of your loved ones, count the seconds since the day you were born... anything you can think of. Get an overview on all reminders or a detailed view of each single one and choose which counters you want to be displayed - years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds or all of them.

Get notified at the time of the event, or some time before.
Create recurring reminders, choose when the counting should be starting and ending.

Show your reminders in your calendar, your iPhone Reminders or your Apple Watch, or share them by email, iMessage and on Social Media.

No ads, no in-App Purchases, everything is just plain and simple.
We respect your privacy and don't collect any of your data. Everything stays safely on your device only.

For now, this App is available in English and German. Additional language support is planned for the future.
Gerald Tscharre