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Staying connected while traveling has never been easier! No more relying on Wi-Fi or hunting down local SIM cards. Just download the GigSky app, pick a data plan and connect on your eSIM as soon as you arrive at your destination!

GigSky provides affordable, short-term data plans in over 190 countries, territories, and remote locations – available straight from your iPhone using its eSIM. Choose from 1-day, 15-day or 30-day data plans. With a selection of country-specific, regional, global, and specialty plans – there’s a data plan for every type of user. Plus, earn $5 of free data for every friend you refer!

Why Choose GigSky?

- Zero hardware, easy set-up – you’ll be up and running in minutes
- Top-up on the fly – no need to wait for Wi-Fi to add more data
- Global availability – no more swapping SIMs in every country you visit
- Specialty plan availability – stay connected offshore in the Gulf of Mexico and North Sea, or Inflight on specific airlines/routes
- Affordable rates, quality service – eliminate roaming bill shock without compromising LTE speeds

How It Works

1) Download the GigSky app to one of the following unlocked, eSIM-compatible devices:

- iPhone 13 mini
- iPhone 13
- iPhone 13 Pro Max
- iPhone 13 Pro
- iPhone 12 mini
- iPhone 12 Pro
- iPhone 12
- iPhone 11 Pro Max
- iPhone 11 Pro
- iPhone 11
- iPhone XR
- iPhone XS Max
- iPhone XS

2) Open the app and browse plans
3) Select a plan and create your account
4) Install your eSIM and activate your plan
5) Start using data!

Please note: we no longer support GigSky SIM with this version of our mobile app. However, you can activate and manage a GigSky SIM using the web app. Login at

Wishing you happy travels!

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