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Ghost Psychics

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Ghost Psychics

Ghost Psychics - An Interactive Story
You’ve watched the ghost TV shows. You’ve enjoyed ghost stories and movies. Here’s your chance to be a Psychic on a ghost quest based on true paranormal stories! In this interactive story-game, experience the horror, the pain and the fulfillment of encountering real ghosts and helping them pass on into the afterlife. Written by a real-life psychic who has encountered hundreds of ghosts, this app puts you in the driver’s seat of some true-life scary ghost stories. You may choose to receive some training in what to do and actually help the ghosts, or you may have some horrible things happen to you! You make the decisions in situations which control the story. You’ll find wonderful new friends along the way, learn about psychic work, and hear some true ghost stories that will raise goosebumps. So if you love all things spooky, you have certainly come to the right place!

Will you survive the hauntings? Will you help the ghosts?

Interactive Storybook: choose decisions that affect the action
Easy to play on iPhone or Apple Watch!
Based on true life stories from actual psychics!

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