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Stablish a goal: Fat Burn, Aerobic Fitness or Performance and GetFit LITE will do the rest for you.

GetFit calculates the ideal heart beat range for every goal you choose, and then will monitor and alert you in real time on your Watch (using haptic feedback) to keep your heart beat on track. If you're not, it will stimulate you go faster or slow down your rhythm.

Just start your activity using your Apple Watch and our algorithms will take care of the rest, by keeping you updated about your BPM heart rate and the ideal target zones to optimize your workouts or any activity you are doing.

No matter which goal you choose, GetFit will put you on the right target. It also saves your data on Health app so you get all your statistics from your activities.

So what are you waiting for? Get fitness and in shape much faster, download GetFit LITE now!
Lucas Yamashita