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On Your Marks Get Set...Run!

Ever needed an extra dose of motivation in your training? An additional carrot to run those miles or an exciting yet sure-shot way to hold yourself accountable? Welcome to GET SET RUN, a revolutionary world of virtual running.

For the love of sport and the competition beyond the bling, there's nothing better than toeing the mark with other runners. But what if there are no more upcoming events in your city or you have other obligations on the race day?

That's when GET SET RUN comes in. Download the app and complete challenges as per your convenience, while still availing the benefits of a real-life competition, including honors, awards, and virtual competitors, firing up your competitive spirit. Runners can search and pick any running event of their liking from around the world and participate in the event virtually.

All runners are different, but they all share the same goal, to be a Runner. So, let's Get Set Run!

- Run Any Event Anytime!

Want to bust out a 5K? GET AFTER IT. Want to run a 10K? DO IT. Need a half marathon under your belt? OWN IT. With 'GET SET RUN' you could not only run your 'favorite running distance' but also feel happy and joyful about achieving your personal goals.

With the GET SET RUN app in your phone, you can run on a treadmill at your home or at the stadium, in the evening, or at the break of dawn, with friends or simply alone, it's your choice.
With no cops, cones, or 7 a.m. starts to worry about, Get Set Run is taking off to the running universe and it's simple to select our virtual running races.

- Chase Miles and Win Medals!

Who said running is all about burning calories and getting in shape. With GET SET RUN app, you get the opportunity to not only chase those big miles but also earn some sparkling medals to your name. Because let's be frank folks, who doesn't like winning few medals for something they quite literally gave their sweat and blood. So, what are you waiting for?

Run difficult tracks, collect medals and rejoice in the honor of accomplishing something extraordinary.

- Hosting Ain't a Headache Anymore!

Organizing live running events is no less than a headache. From acquiring various permissions from authorities to arranging resources, it's no cakewalk. But, with GET SET RUN, one can easily host and organize virtual running marathons, be it for charity or brand promotions.

Moreover, hosting virtual races is not only economical but also a great opportunity for community running clubs to engage their respective audience and attract potential customers. So, from creating awareness about a social issue to promoting your running coaching services, GET SET RUN is your new pit stop.

- Global Leaderboards and Run Data Storing

Use the dynamic leaderboard to track your position, compare your performance with other runners and conquer your personal goals.

The GET SET RUN app uses the GPS to keep a track of the distance covered by you. Once it detects that you have completed the selected distance, it automatically stops the clock and the GPS tracking.

Thanks to the GPS, you can analyze your performance and running statistics, which are stored in the app and get an insight into your average speed and time taken to cover the track. Backed by GPS, these stats are reliable and can help you improve your performance after every run.

So, why wait? Put on your running shoes and download the GET SET RUN app today!