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Get Lost

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Get Lost

Sometimes the best way to Discover is to simply Get Lost.

Get Lost - Discover provides you with randomised directions that take the decision-making factor out of the exploring experience. Simply spin the needle of the compass to reveal your next instructions. Then, when you're satisfied with how lost you are you can close out of the directions view and enter the map to navigate home. When you discover a fancy new cafe, a hidden bar, a beautiful panorama, or anything else of interest save the position to "My Places" so that you can save the memory and go back to the location later.

Whether you're traveling to a new city or trying to find something new in a city you're familiar with Get Lost - Discover is your new best friend, here to guide you out of your comfort zone and into new experiences and adventures.

Combined with a compatible watch app the opportunities for new discoveries are not only "in your hands," but also on your wrist.

So get out there and start a new adventure with Get Lost - Discover!
Andrew Jacques