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Get Fit! With Behavior Math

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Get Fit! With Behavior Math

There is no such thing as willpower. Learn to use Behavior Math.

Every time we make a decision about what to eat or whether to workout, we make a calculation based on how we feel in the moment.

When we're highly motivated to get fit and we're feeling healthy and strong, we often make decisions that further our fitness goals.

When we're not feeling very motivated and we're tired, we often make decisions that hinder our fitness goals.

If used appropriately, this app will help push you to make more pro-fitness decisions than you otherwise would without the app.

When you're on the fence about whether to eat something or whether to workout, open the app and tap the Happy button if you make a decision that furthers your fitness goals and tap the Sad button if you make a decision that hinders your fitness progress.

The app tracks your Happy and Sad points and encourages you to make pro-fitness decisions.

You will be surprised at how much awarding yourself Happy and Sad points affects your decision making process when you are waffling about what to do.

New in version 1.3 is the Nightly Question with Habit Pyramid. Every night before you go to bed, answer the Nightly Question. If you answer Yes, you'll get a star. Knowing that you'll be answering the Nightly Question every night helps you make better decisions during the day.

Want a convenient way to track your weight? The weight tracker will track your weight over time and will tell you how many pounds you've lost (or gained).

Wondering about that timer at the bottom of the screen? You may find that waiting to eat for 30 or 60 minutes after you begin feeling hungry can be beneficial. The timer gives you credit for all of the hunger hours you rack up and if you permit it, Get Fit will notify you when it is time to eat.

Please let me know in the reviews if there is anything I can do to improve your experience with this app. You can also contact me via Twitter: @JCohenMusic.

Justin Cohen
Justin Cohen