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Geotag Marker

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Geotag Marker

Geotag Marker for GPX allows you to create GPX files easily! Photo oriented, it allows you to specify the index picture of a GPS marker which corresponds to the index on your camera.

Two modes are supported: you can create markers at different positions for photo index (Waypoint), or you can create a continuous recording track (Track) to automatically synchronize a batch of photos.
Once the GPX file created, GeoTag Marker for GPX can email it, or share it with any application managing GPX (Google Drive, DropBox, etc.).
You can then proceed easily geolocation of your photos on your computer with your favorite software. Numerous softwares manage the GPX format, whether professional (Aperture, Lightroom, etc.) or not (eg PhotoLinker on OSX or GeoSetter on Windows).

The "marker" system proposed by this application is very handy if like me you want to save battery of your iPhone and do not use the GPS to create a continuous track. This mode is the essential fashion for photographers who use film camera and wish to geo locate their photos once developed.

The "track" mode (continuous recording of your position) is also present in this application because it enables geo locate precisely a lot of photos taken during a day.

Feel free to send us your requests for changes so that we can make this even more practical application!

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
etienne venot