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Record your travels, share with friends, and find your way back to places you've been—all while building a travel history.

With Geospike you can instantly record where you are, attaching photos and notes to your location, creating what we call a 'spike'. Geospike is a great way to capture and share moments on-the-go, from visiting landmarks to having coffee with your friends. There is no "checking-in" to predefined places and you can log a spike without an internet connection, making it especially great for places off the beaten path.

Start a trip, and and the places you log will be grouped together on a trip map. You can share individual spikes, or the whole trip (even while it's in progress) so friends and family can follow your journey as you go. Whether you're traveling around the world or exploring your own neighborhood, Geospike is the perfect app for capturing and sharing your travels.
Geospike Pty Ltd