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Geofence Alerts

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Geofence Alerts

Geofence is the best app that you can use get notified while entering or leaving a region.

Where can we use the app??
1) While travelling in train or a car, listening to songs or sleeping, this app will alert you that you are about to reach your destination and you can be conscious.
2) While searching a new unknown place, this app will let you know that you are in track and searching the location properly.
3) You can get intimated when you are leaving a location, so that you can double check you took keys, ID card and access card.

How to use the app to start tracking location?
1) Accept the Location notifications alert that pops up when you open the apps for the first time
2) Click Add/Delete Geofence and when you are on map view, long press on any location that you want to track. A annotation will drop and you will be notified when you enter that region .
3) Default settings- Always notifies when you are entering a region with in 100 meters radius.
4) You can change the default settings and get notified while leaving a location, by clicking on settings cog present with any annotation.

Note:- Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
katuri dinesh