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Genève Aéroport

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Genève Aéroport

Carry the airport in your back pocket! More functions have been added to the newest version of GVApp optimized for iOS 11 and WatchOS 3: scan your boarding pass to track your flight and activate the personal travel assistant, share a flight and choose a notification ringtone, update the interactive map – all for free!


Flight status

Take the airport monitor everywhere you go! Do you want to check whether your flight is on time? All arrivals and departures from Genève Aéroport on the day and the next are listed in the application. Consult their status to find out if there’s been any change. The file on each flight indicates the flight number, check-in desks, gate, airline and type of aircraft.

Track flights

The application allows you to track any flight departing from or arriving at Genève Aéroport. The tracking function allows you not only to have easy access to the flight file but also to be notified of any change in its status (push) and to activate the personal guide. You can access the right file directly by scanning the boarding pass. A simple click allows you to share the flight tracking information with your contacts!

Personal travel assistant

Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or, on the contrary, are afraid you’ll forget something, you’ll find a use for the personal assistant included in the flight file. Passenger security, gate, itinerary, the next train/bus connections – get the information you need just by clicking. All the key stages, on departure or arrival, are listed.

Interactive map

Visit the different airport levels using a 3D map, consult points of interest or find out how to get from one point to another – it’s never been easier.


Feel like doing some shopping? Every shop has a file. Consult the practical information or add it to your favourites. If you can’t find a shop at the airport, display it on the map and follow the path indicated.

Parking lots

Are you coming to the airport by car? Find out how busy the parking lots are and calculate the cost using the application. Are you one of those people who can never remember where they parked their car? GVApp remembers for you!


On arrival in Geneva, find out when the next bus or train is leaving the airport. The application will answer all your practical questions about taxis, free hotel shuttles and car rentals.


List of airport contacts and contact information for all airlines


Set your own notification ringtone and type.


GVApp is full of other surprises, including a 5-day weather forecast!

It has been completely redesigned, but continues to be available in French, German and English (the language installed is the same as that of the operating system).
Genève Aéroport