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Geisinger PainWatch

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Geisinger PainWatch

Geisinger is committed to providing its patients with the best care possible.

PainWatch integrates with Apple HealthKit to provide patients and providers with information about how activity levels, sleep, and heart rate have trended over time. This will help you and your provider gather the most complete understanding of what aggravates and mitigates your pain, and how to manage it better.

PainWatch provides relaxing sounds to be run in the background to be used as an aid for Mindfulness as an Alternative Therapy.

PainWatch uses wearable health technology to help patients manage their chronic pain. Using their iPhone and Apple Watch, Geisinger patients can:
• Report daily and breakthrough pain
• Report breakthrough medication use
• Report use of alternative therapies (mindfulness, stretching, hot/cold therapy) for pain management
• Track Activity and sleep
• View trends of data over time
This information is available to providers during regularly scheduled visits for review with the patients.
NOTE: Only patients with a log in from their pain clinic provider can use the app at this time.
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