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GBMessage한글 is an app that lets you enter and send a KOREAN message on the Apple Watch.

O You can send a message by typing a message, pressing the Send button, and entering a recipient in the Messages app.

O Enter characters with the tab or drag gesture.
(Drag to the center of the button.)

- ㄱ/ㅅ/ㅣ/ㄴ/ㅇ/ㅡ: Tap the button.

- #/ㅆ/ㅠ/ㄷ/ㅂ/ㅜ : Drag the button downward(↓).

- ㄲ/ㅉ/ㅛ/ㄹ/ㅃ/ㅗ : Drag the button upward(↑).

- ㅋ/ㅊ/ㅏ/ㅌ/ㅁ/ㅑ : Drag the button to the right(→).

- ㅎ/ㅈ/ㅓ/ㄸ/ㅍ/ㅕ : Drag the button to the left(←).

O You can change the keyboard by the drag operation.
- Change to symbol keyboard: left slip
- Change to numeric keyboard: right slip

O You can perform space and delete functions with a tap gesture.

O You can enter the stored characters in one gesture.

O homepage:
O Facebook page:
O YouTube: