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Gaussian Probability

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Gaussian Probability

The Gaussian Probability Calculator utilizing the Gaussian Probability Function returns the probability that an entered random variable (x) has a probability value less than the entered (x) value..

The random variable (x) is entered via a Slider with a data range of -3.1 to 3.0.

In addition the Gaussian Probability Calculator produces a PDF/CDF Graph and PDF/CDF Data Tables producing random variable (x) and the Gaussian probability f(x) a range of random variable (x) values of -3.00 to 3.20

The PDF and CDF graph are touch interactive graphs for computed (x/Pr(x) paired values. The graphs hav a touch feature whereby upon the touch a slidable vertical line appears. Upon movement of the line a paired (x,Pr(x) values appear relative to the line position on the graph curve.

The horizontal x-axis displays computed (x) values. The vertical y-axis plots a range of Pr(x) values.

Horizontal Max and Min dashed lines display the Maximum and Minimum F(x) values

The iOS 12 version add the ability to enter the (x) value on a numeric basis
Donald Schaefer