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GasAll is the best app to find the gas station that fits you better in every moment: by price, by distance, by fuel or with a nice promotion or discount. Since 2008 we have been pioneers showing all the relevant information about the gas stations in Spain.

We know that the variation in gas prices is a common headache for all drivers. The goal of GasAll is to avoid this constant concern, helping to locate the gas station that maybe interests you at any time, through a clean and intuitive interface.

It is a very useful app for drivers who want to save money filling the deposit by providing updated price information, indicating the distance and the fastest route to get to the gas station.

What GasAll offers you:

- INFORMATION ABOUT GAS STATIONS: show the gas stations closest to your position or even from any part of Spain thanks to the search field by address or area.

- REFUEL AND WIN: you can benefit from special promotions at the service stations hosted by GasAll. Go to "Promotions" section and check the discounts available.

- ROUTES: select two addresses and you will get the gas stations available in the fastest route, you can choose to see the cheapest or know the distance from each of them.

- PRICE HISTORY: check how the price of the gas varies and check when it is the best time to refuel.

- FAVORITES: save your favorite service stations to have the information of their prices always updated, so you can compare comfortably with other gas stations and check where is the best place to refueling.

- ADJUSTMENTS: customize the settings according to your needs:
* Type of gasoline
* Consumption and tank capacity of your vehicle.
* Number of gas stations to show.
* Gas ​​stations network filter.
* Discount applicable with loyalty cards.

- iPHONE WIDGET: check easily the information of your favorite gas stations and access them with a single click.

- APPLE WATCH: easy and direct access to nearby, favorite gas stations. Order them by distance or price.

How can you start saving with GasAll?

* The first time, follow the tutorial to configure the data of your vehicle and allow GasAll to locate your position.
* In settings you can select how many gas stations you want to see and your prefer networks of gas stations. Configure the discounts if you have loyalty cards. Enter the discount type and GasAll will show the price with the discount already applied.
* You can scroll through the map to show gas stations in the area that interests you the most or use the search field.
* The detail of each gas station shows the prices of the fuels that they serve, how much it costs to fill the deposit of your vehicle, the price history, the distance, the timetables and if they have any promotion.

The GasAll team is at your disposal for any questions or suggestions that you want to send us. If you think we can improve GasAll, send us your comments in “settings” directly from the app. Thousands of users have already done it and it's what we like the most :)

With GasAll, filling the deposit will cost you a little less. We hope you enjoy the app!


* For your safety and for others: do not use your phone while driving. Set up the application with the vehicle stopped or with help from another person.
* Fuel prices are updated daily based on the data provided by the Spanish Ministry of Industry. We are not responsible for any discrepancies in the displayed prices.
* Valid only for gas stations located in Spain.
* Although the application is designed for an efficient battery consumption, it is recommended to use a charger during long trips.
* Requires internet connection to receive free price updates.
* Activate the location of your device to show the nearest gas stations.
Alvaro Balbontin