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Are you wondering how to take care of that little plant you just got? How much sunlight it needs, when to water or when to fertilize? Look like a lot of Information, right? It's because it is. Hopefully GardenMinder is here to help you in this journey!

Through a fluid, easy and friendly interface, GardenMinder has the goal to act as a supporter on helping people to take care of plants, offering an accessible and unique experience. In GardenMinder, you can:

Through our gallery you can find a selection of the best plants to take care, with search filters, the necessary information to take care of them and a brief description of each plant.

Found a cool plant in our gallery? Keep a wishlist with all the plants that you like, so you don’t forget next time you go shopping.

Do you have any plant from our gallery? Save it in your plants and track the plant’s status with us! If we don’t have your plant in our gallery, you can create it manually, with the possibility of a custom photo and name for your plant.

When registering a plant, you choose an hour that you would like to be reminded to water it. If your plant is in our gallery, we will know the frequency of your reminders. In case we don’t have the plant, you have the freedom to choose the plant’s watering frequency. In this way, we will notify you according to the need for watering your plant.

When registering a plant, we keep a record of its five last watering, and based on that, we define the health of the plant. With our monitoring and your commitment, your plant will always remain healthy!

Download GardenMinder for free and make your plants care uncomplicated!

We look forward to offering you the best experience. If you encounter any problems, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

iOS app developed by: Diego Henrique, Lucca Molon, Matheus Polonia, Bruno Nepomuceno and Camila Prates.
WatchOS app developed by: Aline Escobar, Camila Prates, Carolina Nobre, Diego Henrique, Igor Vicente and Julia Alberti.
Diego Henrique Silva Oliveira