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Garanti BBVA Mobile

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Garanti BBVA Mobile

Management of all of your banking transactions is in your mobile phone via our mobile banking application, Garanti BBVA Mobile! We offer more than 500 transaction options from loan applications to automatic bill payment orders. Our Retail, Corporate and SME customers! We are at all times beside you in order to enable you to perform your banking transactions easily at any moment and from any place you like and prefer.

Garanti BBVA consultancy is good for your financial health! Thanks to our financial health advices formulated specifically for you, you may protect and maintain your balance of income and expenses, and build up savings, in vast or small amounts, and achieve your objectives and goals.

If you are not yet our customer, you can easily become a part of Garanti BBVA without need to go to a branch by using the Contactless Onboarding Technology.

For all kinds of your needs, you can easily file a credit application, and as soon as it is approved, you can transfer your loan to your own account and immediately start to use and spend it.

If you wish to invest your savings, you can open an e-time deposit account via Garanti BBVA Mobile, promptly starting to make benefit from high interest rates. What’s more, whenever you need, you can withdraw money from your e-time deposit account, or deposit money therein, at any time before the end of maturity thereof.

You can apply for a credit card fits best to you, thus making benefit from very special discounts and campaigns, and easily following up the progress of your card application via Mobile.

You can pay your bills without going to branch, and if you wish, you can give automatic payment orders without need to follow up the deadlines of them. Furthermore, you can pay your motor vehicle taxes, traffic fines, game of chance payments and many other payments via Garanti BBVA Mobile at any time and from any place you wish and like.

So as to maximize your security, we continuously follow up and apply the most advanced measures for you. While you trade, for the sake of your security, we freely make our malware detection software applications ready for your use in integration with Garanti BBVA Mobile. Thanks to tokenization, we verify your access to our mobile application by a device of your own.

Benefits offered by Garanti BBVA Mobile:
• 24/7 money transfer,
• Money transfer via Kolay Adres (Easy Address) without need for IBAN,
• Bill and tax payments,
• Account and card balances,
• Loan calculation, loan applications and follow-up of application,
• Credit card applications and follow-up of application,
• Tracking and monitoring the current exchange rates,
• Opening bank accounts in foreign currency,
• Displaying your assets and liabilities,
• Reviewing and checking your income and expenses by categories,
• Tracking the actions taken by you through review of our financial health advices designed specifically for you, and
• Inquiring ATMs and branches closest to you, and many other banking transactions.

Apart from those listed above, our corporate customers may further display and approve via the structure of notification their commercial banking transactions submitted for approval via Garanti BBVA Mobile, within the limits of their authorization and approval definitions.

For use of Garanti BBVA Mobile, it is adequate for you to have a Mobile / Internet Banking password. If you don’t have a password, by clicking “Parola Al” (Get Password), you can promptly take your password by using your credit card or Paracard number. If you don’t have a card, you can communicate our customer representative by video talking, and build a new password.

Permissions held by Garanti BBVA Mobile may be retrieved via the following link:
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