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Gann 9

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Gann 9

Gann 9 is the only app that allows users to effortlessly apply the legendary W.D. Gann’s tools and techniques (including the Square of 9) to analyzing, charting and trading any stock, forex or index. It will allow you to predict with high accuracy and confidence future support/resistance levels and change in trend (CIT) dates. Swing Angles are empowered with the unique ability to automatically select the correct angle step (rise, rate of vibration) applicable to any instrument in any time frame and any price scale.

The app's rich functionality is further enhanced with the addition of several in-app purchases (for the full list check Top In-App Purchases on the left).

Built-in features Include:
* Trade signals and scanner
* Tunnel indicator
* Gann retracement and range squaring tool
* Trend indicator and Trend matrix
* Swing indicator and Swing matrix
* Automatically drawn Swing Angles
* Swing exhaustion timer
* Trend Bars™ (in-app purchase)
* 130 years of DJIA price data (in-app purchase)
* Gann price and time calculator allowing user inputs
* Automatic range retracement and extension analysis
* Unlimited stock symbol tracking
* Track stock value and % change
* Gann angles
* Gann cycles
* Square of 9
* Gann Seasonal Dates
* My Portfolio
* Extensive User Guide
* Trading Strategies section
* Real time market data and breadth indicators.
* Multiple Watchlists synced between apps
* Apple Watch scanning functionality

Whether you’re a novice or experienced market analyst, you’ll be able, with a tap of a few buttons, to apply some of the most sophisticated technical analysis tools and to access live trade signals at a fraction of the cost of traditional charting packages.
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