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App for managing and recording intermittent fasting.

For successful intermIntermittent fasting is a good way to loss weight!
Manage and record your if with gandan!ittent fasting, use Gandan App!

We have two-way intermittent fasting
Hourly fasting is to set fasting hourly
Daily fasting is to set fasting daily

Record intermittent history every single day.
Achieve your successful healty diet!

Gandan send push at start time of fasting and end time of fasting.
Set notification on!

*** This app integrates with the Apple Health app ***
Gandan works with Apple Health to record weight data.

==== How to use HealthKit weight data ====
1. It is able to load weight data in health kit to gandan.
2. It is able to use for premium user in gandan.
3. To load Health kit weight data to gandan, click Load weight from health kit in Weight Tab page
Kim Yunhoo