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Game Of Tags

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Game Of Tags

Specially for International Children's Day - Game Of Tags! Children around the world - unite!

Game Of Tags - Universal Children's Day was specially created to show the world the unity of all nations, love towards kids and importance of friendship! Doesn't matter where you live, the first day of June is one event you can't ignore! Time to indulge your kids in every way you can, and this game is designed just for that!

HOW TO PLAY: Play the game of tags – universal game loved by all kids around the world! The rules are well-known: put a "tag" on the person you chase!

Kids – they are so cute and we love them for their inartificial ways and spontaneity!

Game Of Tags - Universal Children's Day FEATURES:
- Adorable kids as characters!
- Children's game loved by millions!
- Cute graphics!
- Kids of all nations!
- Special Children's Day edition!

You get points for playing time. The longer you play, the more points you score! There’s a particular amount of point you should get every day, but of course it’s possible to get more if you want. Moreover there’s a statistics showing the points you scored the previous days.
If you worry that may spent too much time playing, set the timer and it will remind you that the time is over and you should stop the game.
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