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"がまん(Gaman)" stands for Resisting in Japanese. GamanBank makes your daily patience visible.

Now, let’s put pictures and costs of your wish list, your dream holiday destination, and such in the app. It’s probably better not to register extremely expensive things. I recommend you to choose something you’re not 100% sure if you really want… You know it’s quite refreshing to spend on things like that as a reward of your patience!

So, how GamanBank works? Let me give you an example;

”Oh, I’m thirsty. I need to have coffee at a café… um, no, I’ll grab a coffee from a bending machine instead…”

As a result you have saved about $1 by switching to canned coffee. So, let’s press $1 in GamanBank. Being this much relaxed is important! Take it easy and save those little Gaman!

(Apple Watch supported) iPhone can be kept in your bag. If you have Apple Watch, you can save more casually with GamanBank! (Your Apple Watch needs to be connected with your iPhone to use GamanBank).

More you save, larger the picture of your target becomes!

When you reach your target amount, you receive a message of achievement. (Well, that’s it. That’s all really…)

By reaching your goal in GamanBank, you have saved that much of your Gaman! You can buy the things you would have not been able to afford without saving! So, why not? You can visit where you wanted to go! YEEES!! You would have lost that much amount anyway if you didn’t save with GamanBank.

Note 1: There is no guarantee that you have saved that much money in your pocket, even when you achieved it with GamanBank.

Note 2: Use this to control your feeling only. You see, it’s rather strange logic that you save money by resisting something you cannot afford in the first place.

Note 3: 2 billion is the maximum amount we can deal at GamanBank. If that’s not enough for you, please upgrade the currency unit to M$ (Million $) or B$ (Billion $) may be?

Note 4: Please do not restrict yourself from purchasing what you must have. For example, if you resist buying a PET bottle of mineral water on very hot day, that might cause you suffering from heatstroke. Although, you can save $2 by bringing a flask full of water with you, and if you want to save in that way, don’t consider the cost of your flask, tee-hee.

Note 5: GamanBank does not have a function to correct reserved amount. You need to reset to 0 (zero), then customize to your correct amount. However, what is the correct reserved amount? I think it’s better to save loosely. (Minus is supported in custom button from Ver.1.3.2)

Note 6: It is assumed that asking other people (inc. those close to you such as parents) to purchase whatever for you just because you have achieved the saving with GamanBank, will probably be difficult. GamanBank is strictly for yourself only. But at the same time, the fun time people can get from using GamanBank should be spread with words.

Note 7: GamanBank is a simple app. I don’t have an intention to upgrade it to be complicated, however, I might consider to add more functions when I update the app, such as color theme setting for the app or adding more animation you can see when you achieve your goal.

Note 8: I recommend to customize your picture using iPhone’s standard photo app before you register the picture.
Daishin Ueyama