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Gait Analysis

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Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis is an app designed for walking analysis.
We wanted to create an app that could give the same scientific value as the optojump.
- Very high price
- Functions: calculation of contact time
- Using optojump software
- bulky

Gait Analysis App:
- Lower Price
- Functions: Calculation of the three Angular and Accelerational components with the relative Force (GRF).
- It does not require any other type of data visualization software
- Pocketable :)
- Send data by e-mail

The app has been scientifically tested to prove its accuracy.
The data were compared to the optojump in the walk test and, as regards the contact time of each step, there is excellent correlation.
But the strength of this app is the immediate visualization of the data, the relative Force values, acceleration and inclination of the trunk during walking.

How does it work?!
You have to place the iPhone in the chest or on the back of our subject through an elastic band and a telephone stand. Then press enter and listen to the voice guide that tells how and when to leave.
The app offers the possibility of using a variable speed metronome so you can choose your ride speed.

What to say .. try to believe !!
michele maggio