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G-Field Recorder

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G-Field Recorder

Conveniently record accelerations and more. G-Field Recorder is an easy and ideal tool for analysts and sports people interested in a detailed recording and replaying activities, namely:

- 3-axis acceleration fields
- Rotational displacements
- Ground speed
- Altitude
- Distance
- Displacement
- Course

This app allows the user to record the three axial acceleration field and also the pitch, roll, and yaw of the iPhone or iPad over a large range of sampling frequencies, and with the benefit of several supporting and convenient features, such as immediate data review on the app via full text logs, plotting, and playback.

Also, an In-App Purchase provides the GPS option to log altitude, ground speed, course, path, distance, and displacement.

Use this app to assist your performance analysis of sports behaviors, drones, land vehicles, watercraft, security applications, structural behaviors, and more.

This app does not collect personal information from you and does not communicate with the cloud. All of your data is logged exclusively on your device, where you may retain it indefinitely or delete the files of your choosing.

All data files are exportable in CSV format.

The app features:

- Logging and Plotting of motion data:

Standard (Free)
-- 3 Axis Acceleration Field
-- 3 Axis Rotations (Pitch, Roll, and Yaw)

In-App Purchase (GPS Package)
-- Location, Ground Speed, Ground Course, Altitude
-- Distance & Displacement
-- Illustrated ground path drawn on feature-rich map
-- Precision data analysis tool for reviewing data on your device

- Virtually unlimited recording time. The collected data is automatically stored in indexed files of up to about 5 MB per file. Data storage is limited by the max storage availability on the device.

- Programmable data acquisition start/stop time.

- Sampling frequencies from vanishingly small (e.g. 0.001 Hz) up to 100 Hz (30 Hz for armv7 iPads).

- Configurable to:
- Ignore or sense gravity
- Utilize inertial and non-inertial reference frame

- Remote controllable collection on/off via Apple Watch

- Computed averages and extrema of recorded motion data.

- Rewind and playback of recorded data

- Text notes can be added to each stored data file

- Easy distribution of stored data files via email, Airdrop and via apps on your device, e.g. Excel, Slack

- Automatic indefinite local storage of recorded data
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