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FX Creator

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FX Creator

FX Creator is the only app for applying film grain, textures, light leaks and beautiful gradients to your images in seconds. We try to simulate some of the classic style of beautiful effect, I hope you can enjoy the experience more casual photography ideas in your photographs Bring out the soul of photo of visual arts.

• Gradient Vignette : Various vignette with bright corner
• Color Cast : many bright and color cast filter
• Retro Style : sense of history is full of simple retro effect
• Light Spot : special lens flare
• 8mm : Unique 8 cm visual effects
• Fisheye Lens : arc-shaped convex lens fisheye

• In the same photo continuously stack different effects on
• Add more effects to make photos more layering
• Change lenses, and films for different combinations of effects
• Use more light when shooting photos
• Better results with close-ups and well-lit environments
Sky Media Inc.