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Future Personal Training

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Future Personal Training

Not just an app, not just a personal trainer. Future combines the best of personal training with the flexibility to work out anytime at home, in the gym, outside or on the road.

Future matches you with one of the best personal trainers in the country who builds workouts just for you, based on your goals, your fitness level and any equipment you have access to.


- Unlimited access to your own personal trainer: We’ll match you with a trainer who has experience specifically with your goals. Your trainer will communicate as much as you need to keep you excited, on track, and consistent. Train all month on Future for the price of a single traditional session.

- Weekly training plan built just for you: Workouts are built just for you, and no two members have the same workouts. Rest days are just as important. Your trainer can include any activity you enjoy doing, including cardio classes, yoga, or the spontaneous hike.

- Guided workout movements: Detailed audio and video guides for each movement, with the ability to have your trainer check your form whenever needed.

- Unlimited flexibility: No more cancelation fees or workout times that don’t fit your schedule. Your trainer can also adjust your workout anytime if you’re having a busy day or if you’re on the road.

Future also integrates seamlessly with your Apple Watch and HealthKit for workouts and activity monitoring, so you can keep an eye on your daily activity at a glance.

Future members achieve more than they thought was possible; that’s the fitness of Future.

Future membership is USD $149/month.


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