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Fussy Vegan Additives USA

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Fussy Vegan Additives USA

Key Features

* Search for and find over 400 food additives for non vegan ingredients.
* Each and every additive listed in our app has been checked and verified for accuracy.
* Be confident in knowing which food additives are vegan and which ones to avoid.
* Can be used offline. No internet connection required once downloaded.
* 100% ad free.
* Updated for iOS12, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, Apple Watch and new iPad models.

The Fussy Vegan Additives USA enables you to check food additives to assist you in buying only vegan food products. This app is very handy in the supermarket if you are looking at ingredients for a product before buying. Remember, just because there may be no obvious animal ingredients, you need to check the food additives as well.

Please note that if you are in the EU, Australia or New Zealand, our Fussy Vegan Additive Search app lists all approved food additives. The USA does not use the same additive numbers as the EU, AU and NZ and this app does not show the additive numbers, only the names.
Ken Goldstein