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Welcome to your personal fundraising thermometer, where you can track what you save and reach your saving goals. Saving up has never been easier!

It's always better to save up for the things you want than spending money you don't have, and there's no better way to save than with a fundraising thermometer. No matter whether you are saving for a new gadget, a new renovation, an appliance, or even a house, Fundometer will help keep you motivated and on track towards your goals.

Create thermometers and enter your fundraising goal using the edit screen and then add funds directly from the thermometer display. Create up to 3 thermometers (you can replace the Example Thermometer with your own) in either red, gold or blue and watch your savings grow.

Keep track of who has helped you out by recording your contributors each time you add funds. Perhaps you can share your thermometer as a thank you message when you reach your goal.

Add images of the items you are saving up for and share your fundraising progress on social media to show people what you are saving up for. Who knows, maybe someone will make a donation...

Keep track of your biggest goal even faster with the Fundometer widget for iOS 8 devices. It's a fundraising thermometer widget you can add to the Today view. You can also view your status on the Apple Watch (in-app purchase for full Apple Watch features).

Fundometer does not handle your money in any way. Instead of giving us your bank information, simply use Fundometer to keep track of portions of your existing savings whether they are in savings accounts, investments, or even piggy banks. The Total Allocated label will show you how much you should have in savings.

Available In-App Upgrades:
- Unlimited Thermometers
- Remove Ads
- Extra Thermometer Colors (Green, Pink, and Purple and photo backgrounds)
- Apple Watch premium view
Rob Toomer