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FullCycle is a no nonsense Circuit Laundry (CircuitView) and LaundryView mobile app for students and users that have a managed laundry solution looking to check for available machines or when their laundry machines will complete.

We support many laundry rooms such as Circuit Laundry, Unite Students,, and more! These providers are the best supported if your laundry room is with one of these providers. This app gives you the ability to:

+ View any Circuit, Unite Students or LandryView supported site without signing up or log in with an account. We gradually add and update more sites into the app.
+ Add a specific washing machine or drying machine to the watch list to keep track of your laundry when it will finish.
+ Receive notifications when your laundry has finished washing or drying in the watch list.
+ Viewing your laundry never requires you to login, or creating accounts, emails or phone numbers, etc.
+ Syncing with Apple Watch with your selected laundry room.

Just select your laundry room, washing or drying machine and the app will notify you when it's done on your phone or Apple Watch!

If your university student accommodation uses Circuit Laundry and uses a laundry card then this app is just for you! You can use this app on some laundry rooms that have barcode-operated machines too.

Please note that it is important that you check if your laundry room works before you decide to purchase the full version. Some laundry rooms may appear in the app which are not available yet and this is subject to change at anytime.
Calvin Hill