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Track your fuel economy with this easy to use app with charts, maps, and colors!

FuelMate Features
* Row coloring based on how well your fuel economy was compared to existing records. Green records for above average fuel economy, and red for below average.
* Supports multiple cars
* Fuel log summary screen for a quick view of your fill-up details
* Easy to understand statistics
* Charts for fuel economy over time and cost over time
* Ability to exclude records from statistical analysis in case you forget to log a fill-up
* Export your data as CSV
* Use metric or english measurement labels
* Fun backgrounds!
* It's free!
Car Summary List
Lists out all your cars in a quick list showing their average mpg so you can drill into one for further stats.
Shows you some basic stats about the car you've selected. You can see the date you last filled up, and your avg/best/worst mpg.
Last Fill Glance
Shows you information about your last fill. The color of the background shows if you've gone above or below your average mpg.
Kevin Kazmierczak

Kevin Kazmierczak is a software developer based out of Marlborough, MA that specializes in iOS and HTML/JS development. He has a few games in the Apple app store, MadBombz and Battle Pet Galaxy, as well as the fuel tracking app FuelMate.