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Fueling Timer

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Fueling Timer

If you are doing a diet that requires intervals between meals, such as Optavia or Medifast. This app can help you out!

- Interval Timers
- Customizable Notifications
- Trackers
- Food Label Scanning
- Widget
- WatchOS App

== Interval Timers ==
Use interval timers to help remind you of things spaced throughout the day, such as fuelings. Timers will by default be spaced apart every 2 hours. You can snooze and modify each timer individually, or set default settings for all your timers.

== Customizations ==
Fueling timers are customizable. You can now change the number of timers, the interval between timers, how much time is added when adding intervals, timer sound, repeating timers, snooze length and notification text.

== Trackers ==
Trackers are here to help track anything you need. Calories, water, exercise you name it, FuelingTimer can track it.

== Food Label Scanning ==
FuelingTimer can scan food labels for your trackers. If you're using the trackers for tracking any food-related item, FuelingTimer's scanning feature can automate it for you. Just go to the scanning screen under trackers, point your camera at any label, and it's done.

== Widget ==
Use FuelingTimer straight from iOS's Notification Center. See when your next timer is, or start new timers for the day without ever opening the app.

== WatchOS App ==
Use FuelingTimer on your watch! The watch app can start your timers and you can view your next timer from your watch.

Privacy Policy:
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Khan Winter