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With this app, you can calculate the fuel consumption of your car and gain more control over the expenses.

It can calculate:

- Miles per Gallon (MPG)
- Total cost of fuel needed to cover certain distance
- How many miles you can drive with certain amount of fuel
- Required amount of fuel to drive certain distance
- Daily, Weekly, Montly and Yearly cost you have with fuel
- Refueling: know how many gallons you got when refueling your car

You can also share your results on Twitter, send via Email or SMS, transfer via Airdrop or copy to the clipboard to paste later in another app you choose.

AND MORE: You can print a full report of your results via AirPrint.

The app saves automatically the last results of each calculation, puts all together in one separate screen (accessible via a button on the main menu) so you can review the data whenever you want and share with facebook, twitter, email, sms and airdrop, or copy to the clipboard to paste later in other apps or print via AirPrint.

The app has a modern and simple interface, that is also very beautiful! in the end it will be good not only for your eyes, but also for your pocket!
Vladimir Machado Malaquias