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Fuel Check Manager

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Fuel Check Manager

Faster than an E6B, this Fuel Manager reduces the time it takes to do fuel check calculations to just a few seconds. It also calculates your flight time and has Apple Watch Support. Features an intuitive and efficient interface. Download now to improve your cockpit workflow!

Three functions in one app.

Fuel Check Calculator
- Large print stopwatch for quick glances on lapsed time
- Custom large numeric keypad for quick fuel entry
- Calculates Burn Rate and Burnout time.
- Calculates 3 Fuel Reserve times for Rotary & Fixed Wing IFR/VFR flights
- 15-minute fuel check reminder notifications
- Supports Landscape and Portrait mode for iPad devices

Flight Time Calculator
- Keep track of flight leg times in 10ths of an hour

FLYT Time for Apple Watch
- Minimally designed with single button action
- Apple watch version of the Flight Time Calculator
- Includes 15-minute fuel check notifications

The Details

Fuel Check Calculator

Start by entering your beginning fuel number. Then, press the triangle button to start the timer. Once you are ready to calculate your Burn Rate and Reserve times, enter the ending fuel number then hit the "=" button to see the results. If you forget to close out your fuel check, no worries, the app will send a notification to your device (iPad, iPhone, or Apple Watch) after 15 minutes of starting your fuel check.

To see the details of the calculation, tap on the center of the screen to display the detail window. Press the center of the display window to return to the main screen.

To use the Flight Time calculator, press the "Lift Off" toggle switch to start and press it once more when you want to stop the clock and calculate the time in tenths of an hour. For example, 2.5 will mean two and a half hours.

Swipe the sides of the app upward to view the manual calculation page.

FLYT Time for Apple Watch

Click the "Start" button to start the timer. When you're ready, press "Stop". FLYT Time will automatically calculate and display your flight time in tenths of an hour. For example, 1.5 means an hour and a half.