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FTP Zones

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FTP Zones

FTP Zones allows you to quickly calculate the power corresponding to a specific percentage of your Functional Threshold Power (FTP). Don't know your FTP? Use the app to take a test.

Your FTP is the maximum average power that you could sustain for one hour. It is a common benchmark used by cyclists to determine fitness levels. Training sessions or group exercise classes at the gym are often structured into different stages of effort measured as a percentage of your FTP: longer, lower effort stages punctuated by shorter bursts of higher energy. Working at a percentage of FTP instead of a specific power is a great way to tailor a workout to your own level of fitness.

During structured workouts, adjust the percentage and the app shows the target power for that stage. For example, 85% of a 230 Watt FTP is 196 Watts. Use FTP Zones instead of trying do the math in your head!

If you don't know your FTP or want to measure improvements over time, use the app to take a 1, 3, 5 or 20 minute test. The app can calculate your FTP from your average power over the test period (your bike must have a display which shows this information). Alternatively, calculate the average power required to achieve a particular FTP test result.

FTP Zones has a big, bold user interface to make it easier to make adjustments and see the target power during your workout.

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Geoff Hackworth