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FS Golf

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FS Golf

Improve your game and bring your practice to a new level with the FlightScope Golf mobile app. Pair your device with a FlightScope radar to record training sessions providing accurate data and automatically trimmed video. FS Golf provides various ways of displaying data so you can choose your favourite and focus solely on aspects you want to improve.

Designed for players of all skill levels, from professionals to beginners, in order to enhance their training sessions. Hone your skills with purpose by using Data Margins – choose parameters and pick their minimal and maximum values to get visual feedback when your shot meets set requirements.

Record your sessions assisted by the FS Golf app on your Apple Watch. You can choose out of six different layouts to display selected parameters of recorded shots. Use your device to review shots and easily change clubs without stopping the session or reaching out for your smartphone. Our Apple Watch app also allows you to check the radar’s status so you will always know when it is ready for the next shot.


Recording videos with customizable data overlay – choose displayed parameters and put them in an order that suits you.

3D trajectory, top and side views – analyze your shot trajectories from different angles and perspectives.

Grouping shots – review shots grouped by the club you have used.

Data Margins – you can assign margins to any parameter or set of parameters. Results are highlighted green when they are within those values or red when they are outside the scope.

Social Media – share your recorded videos with a customizable data blocks overlay.

Apple Watch – choose one out of six layouts and display selected parameters instantly on your smartwatch, review your shots, switch clubs quickly and easily, and check when the radar is ready for the next shot, all on your wrist.

Compatible with radar models: Mevo+, X3, Xi Series, X2, and X2 Elite.

Parameters for Mevo+ : Carry Distance, Club Head Speed, Ball Speed, Vertical Launch Angle, Spin Rate, Smash Factor, Apex Height, Angle of Attack, Spin Loft, Horizontal Launch Angle, Spin Axis, Roll Distance, Lateral, Shot Type.

Additional parameters for the X3: Club Path, Face to Path, Face to Target, Dynamic Loft, Vertical Descent Angle, Vertical Swing Plane, Horizontal Swing Plane, Low Point, Curve.

Additional parameters for Xi Series, X2, and X2 Elite: Club Path, Face to Path, Face to Target, Dynamic Loft, Vertical Descent Angle, Vertical Swing Plane, Horizontal Swing Plane, Low Point.

Please note: In order to function properly, this app requires to be connected to the FlightScope radar device: Mevo+, X3, Xi, Xi+, Xi Tour, X2, or X2 Elite. You can order your X3 or Mevo+ unit at or

This version requires an iPhone supporting the two latest versions of iOS and watchOS 5.0 or later. The HealthKit is only used to run the FS Golf app on the Apple Watch. The app will collect your health data with each shot.