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Froggy Challenge

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Froggy Challenge

Prepare for new adventures in the fairy forest, where every day something interesting happens. This time you should watch over the frolicsome frog.
The rules of Froggy Challenge are simple, but the game is complicated. Just trap the frog and don't let it escape from the pond.

HOW TO PLAY: You should color leafs surrounding the frog to block it. Avoid stones, which are hidden among leafs. If the frog succeeds in its escape, you will lose the game.

1. Time Records- raise against time and set new records.
2. Levels – with each next level the frog jumps faster!

Froggy Challenge assists in training of accuracy and observation. It also helps to develop reaction and reflexes.

Froggy Challenge Features:
- 2 different game modes – raise against time or try to pass all levels;
- 3 levels of increasing difficulty - you have more and more leafs depending level;
- obstacles - stones, which make the game more complicated;
- simple, yet addictive gameplay - try to trap the frog.

Play with the cute frog in Froggy Challenge and don't let it run away from the pond. It's so dangerous outside, but the frog can't understand it, so you have to look after it.
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