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- Simple status information on any of your iOS devices:
color blue means, switch is off
color yellow means, switch is on

- simple status and controlling of your Comet DECT Thermostate settings:

Darkblue - Green means Temperatures setting between 8 and 13 Degree Celsius

Green - Yellow means Temperatures setting between 13 and 18 Degree Celsius

Yellow - Orange means Temperatures setting between 18 and 22 Degree Celsius

Orange - Red means Temperatures setting between 22 and 28 Degree Celsius

- set the requested Temperatur after tapping on the Thermostate button with the slider or the "-" and "+" buttons. Exit and save with a tap outside of the Temperature setting box.

- Control your Fritz!Box connected Fritz!Dect200 switches or your DECT Thermostate from your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

- Check temperature and switch status of your Fritz!Dect200 switches from every location you like with your Apple Watch

- Check the current power consumption with your iPhone or iPad.

- you can now even control groups of switches of the wrist of your arm, no matter where you are

System Requirements:
- DECT Fritz!Box with one or more connected Fritz!Dect200 Switches
- Fritz!Box Software Version 06.10, 06.20, 06.23, 06.24, 06.30, 06.50 and higher
- Fritz!DECT200/210 Version 03.36 or higher
- CometDECT and FRITZ!DECT300 Support with FRITZ!OS 06.35 and higher
- Thermostat Groups Support FRITZ!OS Version 06.69 and higher
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