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FreshFridge Pro

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FreshFridge Pro

You want to manage your food carefully for the sake of your health. But are you worried because you don’t know what to do exactly?

The food that you wanted to eat, but haven’t you ever been irritated while shopping because you can’t remember what they were?

Your refrigerator is filled with food. But what if you can’t find what you exactly want to eat?

Have you ever given up on using food management apps because it’s annoying to enter each food one by one?

Now try ’Fresh Fridge.’
‘Fresh Fridge’ provides a more convenient user environment by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of existing food management apps.
You can manage your food more easily and more carefully with this app.
Build a healthy habit with a user-centered, pleasant UI, ‘Fresh Fridge.’

[Main feature]

- Differentiated food input method: You can add food information with food’s name, category, photo, and memo one by one, but also you can simply swipe from the purchase history.

- One-touch refrigerator food management: In a neat format of the refrigerator food list, touch the pie-chart and adjust the amount remaining.

- Shelf life expiration notification: A push notification tells you the food that its shelf life is expired.

- Intuitive food list-up: With a simple and quick swipe, you can move the food in the refrigerator, purchase list, and shopping cart freely.

- Fill the refrigerator with food by using a checkbox: Put the foods that you bought at the mart into the refrigerator at one go with the checkbox.

- With the family sharing function, manage the refrigerator with family, friends and colleagues, which is difficult to do alone. You can share and edit refrigerator data with the person you shared the generated code with. You can manage your refrigerator using the Apple Watch app.

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Changae Choi