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Freedive Apnea Breath Trainer

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Freedive Apnea Breath Trainer

Make your body more efficient and able to perform at higher levels than you ever thought yourself capable!

The App starts with the breath holding test and will generate your personal a four-week training program based on your current results.

With our app and breathing trainings you will be able to improve your freediving skills and soon you are able to expand your vital capacity and make the best use of your lung volume.

Mastering your breathing techniques not only allows you to dive deeper for longer as you improve, but the benefits carry over into the “dry” side of your life. Learning to take long, deep, cleansing breaths is shown to decrease stress. Another large part of breathing technique is learning how to control mind over body, which also teaches you to deal with stressful situations more calmly.

• Personal trainings to improve your freediving skills
• Audio & Visual notifications
• Countdown for last minutes
• Vibration to additional notification
• Custom interface
Siarhei Karabyin