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[Freediving Ai Apnea Trainer]

* Diver information management
- License card management
- Organization, level management

* Training
- CO2 - CO2 tolerance adaptation training
- O2 - Hypoxia Adaptation Training
- Static Apnea - Static record measurement
- Simulate - CWT, DYN Dive planning and image training
- Custom - Make your own customized training table
- History - Training record management, Contraction record management

* Freediving video
- World record video
- Championship video
- Video training materials such as STATIC, DYN, DNF, FIM, LMC, BLACKOUT

* Meditation
- Meditation music for body and mind stability.

* Training Suggestions
- Do you want to suggest an effective training method? Please make a suggestion to the email below. We create training just for you.
- [email protected]
HyeongSeok Oh