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Application for integration with FREAccess access control systems.

With this application it is possible to make access without the use of cards.

It is also possible to create visits and register visitors, leaving the access faster and more practical. The visitor receives a virtual invitation by email or WhatsApp, with a QRCode that can be used at the time of access.

All this without the need of the intervention of attendants of the concierge, indispensable for virtual concierge.

You can also log in using Bluetooth or QRCode generated by the application or even by Apple Watch! Simply and safely.
(Condo needs compatible readers)

You can also list the accesses made by members of your property, visitors and service providers. Things like who, or when and what came out.

The whole new Message Feed is now available! In it you can check messages and notices from your condominium, so you will not miss any important event, and also become more aware of what happens in the condominium.

Attention. This application only works in conjunction with FREAccess access control software. Contact us for more information.
Flavio Escobar