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Found !t

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Found !t

Have you ever misplaced your glasses or keys somewhere and forgotten where you left them? Now with the Apple Watch, you can mark where you place an item and record it so that you will never forget where you have left an item again.

We have designed an easy to use marking application for the Apple Watch to minimize the loss of you valued items when you set them down. It is a simple setup of your own key categories and label your own locations (with some pre-sets already in the App) on the iPhone App for everyday use on the Apple Watch.

Using “Found !T” is an easy and convenient way to mark where you place an item by simply using the touch screen to add a new item that is to be placed and upon looking for the item it is simply a matter of using touch interface for the locate button to recall where an item had been placed. If you leave an item in the Office or at your desk or even in a specific room at home, you will now be able to refresh your memory easily by using Found !t. You can decide and create any of your key locations for where you have placed an item.


• Easy and intuitive Application for the Apple Watch which is easy to setup directly on the iPhone associated App.

• Fully customizable locations - Uses location services to track your key locations (eg Office, study, living room, bedroom etc). Users can label their desired locations directly from the iPhone.

• Fully customizable Items - Users can create labels for their specific items (eg wallet, passport, keys, tablet etc). Users can label their items directly from the iPhone.

• Once a user has completed the setup on their iPhone, all of the functions required when placing an item or locating an item can be performed on the watch itself (should a user require the map to locate an item, this can be done with the watch and iPhone in close proximity). Of course the iPhone has the same functionality for when you have your phone in your hand.

This app will save time when searching for your most used and precious items that we all use on a daily basis. Saving time when searching for a simple item, your keys for example, is valuable time that is wasted by trying to search and retracing your steps to simply remember where you left an item.. The time you save will more than make up for any upfront costs of Found !t for your iPhone & Apple Watch.

Forget about your frustrations, and try the new Found !t for the Apple Watch today.
iRoam Global Pty. Ltd