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Fortune Widget

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Fortune Widget

Fortune Widget is based on the classic pseudorandom fortune message application that was popular on Unix systems.

Designed for widgets and Apple Watch, Fortune Widget offers over 13,500 random fortunes covering categories ranging from sci-fi to literature to sports with quotes from classic TV shows and comics of that era.

* Get fortunes on your Apple Watch!
* See fortunes on your iPhone and iPad!
* Add widgets to your home screen!
* Over 13,500 fortunes!
* Over 34 different lists!
* Choose from green screen, amber or modern text color!
* Set a reminder to get your daily fortune!
* Choose which lists to show fortunes from!
* Show only short fortunes for a quicker read!
* Simple interface - just tap to get a new fortune!
* Based on the most popular version written by Ken Arnold

This one's for you Dave :-)
Red Sprite Studios