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Boost your vitality with this powerful breathing technique and bring instant change to your life.

Breathing with awareness can literally transform your life. Feodor Kouznetsov, a breathing innovator, the author of the self-help book 'Let's Get Some Air' and a certified instructor in the Buteyko method, has seen it work for himself. Panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia, relentless internal monologue, physical pain – all of this was part of Feodor’s daily life.

This led him to look for an alternative cure when the traditional medication was not working. was born as a hybrid breathing technique and helped Feodor to take control of his mind and life. After several years of daily practice, Feodor was able to get rid of pain, reclaim his sleep, stop worrying about everything in the world and fix his relationships with the loved ones.

[]( app is built to serve as a tool in Feodor's online breathing course. It is a personal breathing coach in your pocket. The technique is designed to be accessible and easy-to-learn. You don't need a special place, expensive uniform, equipment, and props. All you need is you, the air and 7 minutes of your time.

Wherever you are, in just 7 minutes of conscious breathing with formula.lifе, you will get a powerful energy and vitality boost, and experience the power of now. mobile app is fully customisable to your own breathing rhythm and pace. Basic version is FREE. Integrates with HealthKit. New features and updates are added regularly.


Learn to tame your monkey mind, stop the internal monologue and racing thoughts.

Learn how to deal with anxiety and panic attacks.

Stop worrying about everything and anything.

Overcome insomnia.

Release and clear subconscious blockages.

Learn ways to balance your energy centers.

Get to know yourself as never before. Become more aware of yourself and of the world around you.

Raise your self-esteem by learning to love and appreciate yourself.

Restore your energy levels. This will help your ability to focus, set your goals and achieve them.
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