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Formbook is the perfect app for structured information note taking.

With Formbook, notes behave like forms: create a notebook and define the fields you need to store your information.

Form based notes have amazing benefits:
- Gain a huge amount of time while taking notes as you just need to fill in form fields.
- Instantly obtain chart stats on the data contained in your notebooks.

Here are some usage examples. Create notebooks to:
- Keep track of your progress in sport training.
- Remember your favorite restaurants in places you visit.
- Store your recipes.
- Follow to do tasks.
- Prepare a trip by describing the places to visit.
- Keep track of any object inventory (with barcode reader).

Formbook comes with a powerful dashboard feature that visually displays charts on your data. Personalize your charts and analyse data in detail.

Formbook is cross device: notes are automatically synchronized on your iPhone, iPad and Mac via iCloud.

Formbook is also available on your Apple Watch: access your notes and notebooks directly from you Apple Watch.

Choose among 20+ form field types when conceiving your notebook structure:
- Short text field
- Long text field
- Secret text field revealed by FaceID or TouchID
- Code text field (programming languages)
- Number
- Stepper (number)
- Slider (number)
- Yes/No button
- Date and Time fields
- Images and photos
- List of elements (with optional checkboxes)
- Rating (with stars)
- Email (with compose button)
- Address (with map access)
- Phone number (with compose button)
- URL (with browse button)
- Barcode and QR code (with scan button)

Export your notes as PDF file and CSV file to use the data with spreadsheet apps.
Mathieu Morgensztern