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Forge is like the reliable old notebook and pencil you take to the gym to log your workout: it keeps track of everything whether you’re lifting, doing cardio, or stretching as simply as possible - flip back and forward and you can easily see your previous workouts. Set up your exercises and knock down the sets as you go.

Cellular/Wifi required?
No, Forge does not require an internet connection to run - exercises and workouts are saved on the device.

HealthKit Integration
With the Apple Watch app, Forge integrates with HealthKit, saving your workouts with heart rate and calories burned.

Forge has dozens of themes with more being added all the time. Check the screenshots of the other screen sizes (or go to to see

Your past workouts are just a left-swipe away while your doing your current one; it’s super simple to look back at your last workout to remember what you did. A rest timer is just a swipe to the right whenever you need it during your sets.

Apple Watch App
You can complete your workout entirely from your Apple Watch - see your sets, cycle through them, tap them as “Done”, get a helpful rest timer before your next set and so on, until you’ve completed your workout. While a workout is in progress the Forge Apple Watch app will record your heart rate and energy burned and save it to HealthKit (yes, it will count towards your health ‘circles’!).

Export your workout data in CSV format to open in a spreadsheet like Excel.

Graphing and Stats
For each of your exercises you can see figures for various statistics along with graphs. These stats include stats on time, distance, speed, reps, resistance, volume, one-rep-max.

Available Exercises
Contains hundreds of exercises, with more being added all the time. Videos by professional fitness trainers are available for many of the exercises to show you exactly how do them.

You can request an exercises any time from the settings menu and it'll be added to the Forge cloud database and it’ll be downloaded to your device - no need to update the to get new exercises.

Track your weight
Input your weight everyday to keep track of loss/gain, with a customizable goal range to keep you on track.
James Kelly