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# Origin of the App

During the Qingming Festival of 2017 (4.4.17), my colleagues and I went on a 12-hour, 25.7-kilometer hike through China's seventh-largest desert, Kubuqi.

The trip was exhausting but memorable.

On the way back to Beijing, someone asked us where we had started and ended our journey.

Unfortunately, no one could give an accurate answer.

At that moment, I felt a sense of sadness in my heart.

Perhaps my life would be like this too. No matter how much I experience or how much I endure, in the end, it will all be forgotten. No one will remember our past. Just like our trip, it will soon be forgotten.

That's why I created this app that can record one's life journey.


# Features

Different from ordinary trajectory recording apps, Footprint supports the display of massive data with a scale of millions, and trajectory recording requires no user operation and consumes extremely low power in the background. Footprint can help you record and share your travel data effectively.

# Main Functions

Trajectory Recording
Real-time background recording of the trajectory.
Daily Data Summary
Display your daily key data.
Trajectory Overview
Digitalize your personal trajectory data.
Long-Press Annotation
You can use Footprint to create your personalized map.
Wallpaper Generation
You can use Footprint to generate your unique mobile wallpaper.
Extremely Low Power Consumption

Daily use consumes less than 10% power (I can confidently say that compared to similar apps, Footprint has extremely low power consumption).

# Data Privacy

No account login, backup using iCloud, no backend data service, and data privacy protection.

Footprint Plus Membership Service
Member Profile: You will receive an exclusive data profile where you can record and view your footprint information.

Trajectory Analysis: With the trajectory analysis feature, you can gain in-depth insights into your trajectory information, including city, street, distance, speed, and other detailed data.

More Positioning Modes: Footprint Plus offers a variety of positioning modes, making your location tracking more accurate and diverse.

Richer Map Configurations: Enjoy more diverse map configurations, making your footprint records more personalized.

Sports Modes: Footprint Plus will provide additional sports mode options, allowing you to record various types of physical activities.

Subscription Period: 12 months

Subscription Price: 24 yuan/year (50% off promotion)

Payment: After confirming the purchase, the payment will be charged to your iTunes account.

Canceling Auto-Renewal: If you wish to cancel the auto-renewal service, please manually disable the auto-renewal feature in the iTunes/Apple ID settings at least 24 hours before the current subscription expires.

Renewal: If you choose to continue the subscription, your Apple iTunes account will be charged within 24 hours before the expiration, and after successful payment, you will once again enjoy a subscription period of 12 months.

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Privacy Policy: [](
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